Physical Rehabilitation 

  • Brisbane rehabilitation offers medically supervised rehabilitation assessment and management for a range of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders 

  • Depending on the nature of their condition patients can undergo outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation depending on the nature of their problem

Musculoskeletal Medicine and Pain Medicine 

  • Almost one fifth of the population experience chronic pain 

  • Patients with chronic musculoskeletal injuries often experience a whole range of treatments before receiving definitive management

  • Delay in best evidence treatment can lead to further injury, interrupt work and social activities and eventually lead to stress and depression 

  • Brisbane rehabilitation provides evidence based (best scientific evidence) for problems such as arthritis, chronic neck, back, upper and lower limb pain

  • Most often patients require a number of treatments working together to recover and adapt to their injury and pain. Rehabilitation, psychological therapy and interventional (joint or nerve injection) may be needed.

Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Patients with work related injury often require rehabilitation and supervised return to work 

  • This can be offered within a multidisciplinary (multiple health professionals) context