Brisbane Rehab

Brisbane Rehab is committed to the delivery of high quality rehabilitation services. Our aim is to use the best available scientific evidence to improve our patient’s lives. Aging is an inevitable part of life. For many of us disease intervenes, this leaves one fifth of the Australian population with physical impairment. We may be limited by weakness, restricted movement and pain.

Curative therapy such as surgery and acute medical care are often exhausted at this point. Patients can be left with an inability to engage in previous activities such as work, domestic and recreational pursuits. If rehabilitation is not commenced early many patients find that they lose fitness, conditioning and become isolated, frustrated and depressed. Many patients have difficulty finding their way from here. Rehabilitation can help.

Rehabilitation aims to work within the limits of a patient’s disease and improve a person’s life. The person is assessed and managed within a global and holistic context. The treatment is individualized to the persons needs.

Rehabilitation is an active process demanding motivation, determination and participation from the patient. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals no matter how large or small. 

Our Specialists

Dr Mark Tadros

Dr Tadros is a Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Medicine Specialist with special interest in musculoskeletal medicine, especially spinal pain.

He offers a range of services including rehabilitation assessment and management, chronic pain assessment and management, occupational rehabilitation, medico-legal assessment and pain management

Dr Tadros graduated from medicine from the University of Queensland in 1996. Following graduation he worked in various non-training roles before undertaking training in rehabilitation medicine which he completed in 2005. He then went on to do a fellowship in pain medicine.

Dr Gillian Nalder

Dr Nalder is a Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist and has a special interest in general rehabilitation, transitional rehabilitation, cerebral palsy, hypermobility disorders and pain management.

She is also the supervisor for Rehabilitation Medicine advanced training program for Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Dr Heidi Feberwee

Dr Feberwee trained as a Specialist Anaesthetist and completed her advanced training in Pain Medicine at The Auckland Regional Pain Service (TARPS) in 2008 and qualified as a Pain Specialist.

Since 2009, Dr Feberwee has worked in the public and private sector in Australia. She consults in private in Brisbane, and on the Gold Coast, and offers interventional pain management strategies. Areas of interest include managing headaches, low back pain, and working as part of a multidisciplinary team to improve outcomes for those struggling to manage their pain.

Dr Nick Chiang

Dr Chiang is a Pain Specialist and Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist with expertise in pain management, musculoskeletal, neuropathic and spinal pain. He is trained in all aspect of rehabilitation and pain medicine including advanced interventional procedures such as nerve/joint blocks, epidural injections, radiofrequency ablations, spinal cord stimulator and neuromodulation. He undertook multiple medical training appointments in Brisbane surrounds including the Professor Tess Cramond Multidisciplinary Pain Centre at Royal Brisbane Hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital and Greenslopes Private Hospital.

Dr Chiang believes that providing holistic care is the utmost importance in rehabilitation and pain medicine, therefore emphasising the importance of functional restoration through multidisciplinary management. Dr Chiang is also an associate lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland. Dr Chiang speaks fluent Mandarin and Cantonese.